Trash to Treasure

Okay. i will not start by saying i dont have enough time to do everything i want, because it feels there never ever will be enough time. 

now isnt that just a obvious attempt at fake not-mentioning that i wish i had more time? confused O_o

forgive me, it's 3am and i just finished the 1st blog entry on my to do list. those darned fb games are the devil's instrument, i tell you!! stupid bubble island made me lose 1 1/2hours blog time ( and here i was saying there never is enough time when there actually IS, i just dont know how to use it :P)

so where was i, really?

ah. the challenge. we had a challenge this week with the theme: Trash to Treasure. 
It was something really close to my heart because by nature i am a pack rat. i save stuff i think i may need "in the future". sometimes i do find a use for them, sometimes i dont, but knowing they're there when i need them is an odd comfort.

2 days before the deadline, i swam deep into my treasured mountain of trash and took out everything that had a hint of potential-- and a promise of not burning in the oven.

here are some of the things that had me ruminating for a good hour or so:

a mirror from a broken compact ( i have a thing with mirrors -- not because i'm vain. it's a science thing) the plastic thingie would have had to go of course had i decided to use it. tricky prospect if you ask me.

a burned out bulb-- another thing i love to incorporate in my work.. light and electricity :) im a daddy's girl who loves to tinker, so sue me lol

watch parts... actually 3 whole wrist watches that i just took apart.. yes, i love taking stuff apart, too.

another mirror (i think i have 2 more that i didnt bring out because they were too big)

and one of MANY empty mint tins. did i mention i love tin cans too? :)

i did not include photos of the 2 elements i used on my T2T entry.. that would just defeat the purpose of anonymity :P 

so why did i bother writing an entry with pictures of junk i didnt use for a project i can't post, you ask? because that's not my point! :D 

i am writing this because i want to share something. 

i joined this challenge (and the swap) with a 70-30 chance of being able to complete it. the odds in favor of me not finishing, but sign up i did. you see the great thing about groups like this is it pushes you, it opens your eyes and it helps you grow. yes, you gain friends along the way, but that's just a part of it.

while i was making my project there were 2 things running through my head: first that i really really want to do this. i've wanted to for so long. now i have an excuse, i have the means and so i will, and i will do a damn good job at it!"--sounds manic but i was smiling the whole time. i was like a kid drawing a picture for my mom and dad. i wanted it to be soo good they'd be proud of me.

second: "what could i do with this that i haven't done before and that won't give me away?"

it was aptly called a challenge. and in the end i didn't even care if i won, i was just too proud of what i did. 

bottom line is, challenges make us grow. sometimes it's not winning or getting everyone's approval. it's about artistic growth and finding satisfaction and joy in what you accomplish.

one member said that she was inspired to join the challenge for her to be able to live what she preaches to her daughter. it's a sweet and touching anecdote and one that brings to mind something a professor told us :

(this was about joining the NAMCYA or National Music Competition for Young Artists-- i am paraphrasing)

when you join contests, it doesnt matter if you win or if you lose. it matters that you tried, and in the process,
you learn where your weaknesses and your strengths lie. 

sometimes, even if we feel we arent ready, we still need to push ourselves and take a leap of faith, because only then can we experience things that will make us better people :)

im not talking clay anymore am i? haha
i think i've said more here than i have in the past quarter :)
it's obvious though how much i love my guild.

if you want to see and vote for all the entries in the challenge, CLICK HERE or on the photo below:

the names of fans will be included in a raffle :) 
help us spread the word!

anyway, i leave you with that. maybe this is sleep talking, so i will see you again soon as i try to whittle down  the drafts in my dashboard.

Have a great week!


doydoydoy said…
congrats! :) voted for ur masterpiece without knowing it was yours hehe

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