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Holy Week Projects

I've been really busy making new stuff to put on my etsy, and i have made a lot of stuff  but i can't seem to make myself list them! haha I did miss playing with clay, though. I had a few weeks off since i was preparing for something i've been putting off for quite a LONG time, and I've finally taken the leap!
You may ask what the heck it is I am talking about,  weeeell, i'll start with a photo and take it from there :) That's me, and i FINALLY had my recital. An event I've been putting off forever. I have been meaning to write a post about it. 
Before it even took place, I already had, in my mind,  written the post-- what i felt, what i would feel, what i would do next..  but after everything, I couldn't because I realized words would not be enough.
But more on this on my next post, for now, all I can say is..
Thank GOD!!! :)

So what things can you expect on my etsy these coming months?

Blooming lockets

Clips.  Yep, found a use for all those clips i …