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Just reading the title of this post it's easy to conclude that this is not going to be a happy read, but ive been having a really crappy day (weeks?) I need to rant.

First, I can't make ANYthing. Seriously. Everything I've made so far feel like major fails. It wouldn't bother me really if I were just experimenting, or looking for something new and fun to do. But I have a deadline, which I might not be able to meet, i now realize. Most of the time, last minute panic fuels creativity and becomes fodder for some seriously inspired work, but, man! My brain feels like a sun-baked stretch of desert; dry and blah. {insert guttural expression of absolute frustration}

Then 2 nights ago, my dogs fought and one of them came out with a couple bites on the forearm, which swelled so much the following morning I thought it was getting infected or that it got fractured. It was a relief that after a couple days of cleaning the bites and giving extra pats, hugs and food, he's feelin…