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here's an MJ glove-- which looks funny-- dude, sana magustuhan mo ^_^

And then some really cool finds from my favorite shopping places in manila.. I LOVE MANILA!!
tiny aluminum (?) flowers

and a small flower-shaped acrylic container


hahaha wala lang, ang sarap ng tulog ni fudge ^_^

what i'm working on now~

i just finished the cherry blossom tree for the wedding topper i'm doing. i like big projects; it's a welcome change from the tiny details of miniatures -- hope she likes it ^_^

-- and then it's on to the cute couple figures

number 1 reason to get an oven thermometer~

about a week ago, the big electric oven i use for baking up and died, but i thought, no biggie, i can use the gas oven instead. 5 minutes into baking however, the fire died -- yes, it ran out of gas. murphy's law. maybe they should rename it jen's law since it seems to be the guideline of  my life for the past 3 weeks now. anyway, back to my oven situation, i decided to buy a new, smaller oven to save on space, electricity, and well, money ^_^

i got this cute little thing and brought it home with high hopes that i could finish what i started, but before i did, i made sure to ask the store if i could return it and within a span of how many days in case it didn't do the job. i had one week to try it out.
first impression, it was really nice since it was compact and clean looking and the 9" pyrex dish i've used since forever fits inside perfectly. it had a rack where i could hang pieces, a thermostat running from 100-250C (i just needed 130-150C), a drip pan i could u…

coming this week :)

Bear Pendants

Adorable pendants that look like quilted, cute & cuddly bears, frosted for extra holiday shimmer!

i found this while doing some grocery shopping with a couple of friends... i didn't even know they still made these!! i know how my sisters would react once i showed to to them .. needless to say it brought on a LOT of happy childhood memories ^_^

how time flies.. when you're in a rush.

final rope & carabiner pendants for cams... 2 more shoe pendants and we're home free!!

cupcake place card/ photo holder
really cute -- i loved making it ^_^

i don't really know what these are supposed to be.. but i sure hope they like it X_X

face cane video~

this is just one way of doing face canes. cartoonish faces are easier in that you don't have to be too careful about correct proportions. but this is simple because you only have to use 2 colors :)

if you don't want the distorted, impressionistic effect, allow your cane to rest for  few hours or even overnight... just don't wait too long. also, overpacking it helps :)

mastiff keychain~

usually when i sculpt, i just jump right in and wing it, but today i realized how really helpful it is to start with a sketch :) i used george's ears as my reference for the actual sculpting ^_^

more samples and side projects~

i finshed a lot this weekend, yey! just one more sample to finish... it's a tricky one O_o

here're tiny roses

rope bundles -- the aluminum things are just braces which ill remove after baking

and carabiners

Aaaand here's another thing i worked on while i waited for my clay supply to arrive. ( which came thursday!! ^_^)

initially, i started out thinking i'd make a small bag. i didn't have a design in mind so designing this took more than a week of picking up, putting down, and completing MTO's and samples in between. it's still a work in progress, but i like how it's looking now. my twin dragons just need something to do.. or look at :) then maybe i'll move on to the lid and handle.

top dragon

bottom dragon

long weekend~

we went to the cemetery a few days before the the crowds made their way there and were able to avoid all the horrendous traffic.

i think i like cemeteries... they're actually very peaceful and not really creepy -scary once you get over the fact that, well, it's a cemetery heheh

and when i got home, my clay supplies arrived -- yey! -- so i immediately went to work and started crossing off all the samples-to-do on my list. this cake slicer and server were top priority. now that i'm finished with that i can go on to the fun-ner stuff! photos to follow soon.