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Trash to Treasure

Okay. i will not start by saying i dont have enough time to do everything i want, because it feels there never ever will be enough time. 
now isnt that just a obvious attempt at fake not-mentioning that i wish i had more time? confused O_o
forgive me, it's 3am and i just finished the 1st blog entry on my to do list. those darned fb games are the devil's instrument, i tell you!! stupid bubble island made me lose 1 1/2hours blog time ( and here i was saying there never is enough time when there actually IS, i just dont know how to use it :P)
so where was i, really?
ah. the challenge. we had a challenge this week with the theme: Trash to Treasure.  It was something really close to my heart because by nature i am a pack rat. i save stuff i think i may need "in the future". sometimes i do find a use for them, sometimes i dont, but knowing they're there when i need them is an odd comfort.
2 days before the deadline, i swam deep into my treasured mountain of trash and took ou…

P3 News

A lot of stuff's happened and i've attempted to blog about every one of them, but have only gone so far as uploading the photos that i now have more draft entries than posts in the past month, it's kerayzy!  i'll try to wade through the backlog and finish posting some some, if not all, of them :)

These days, aside from my usual daily routine of managing my online store, finishing new commissions, rehearsing, taking care of my doggy mommy duties, making tambay in the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild has crept in the middle of things.
I am a person who sticks with tried and true friends, quality taking a front seat to quantity, but there has always been the desire to connect with people who share my passion for creating. I've tried creating PC groups before, but they never really took off because of a number of reasons, lack of time to manage being one of them. So when P3 came, and eventually soared to where it is now, i was happy as a clam. i finally foun…

my new tool :)

the project i was working on last week needed to be drilled after baking. that gave me the perfect excuse to make a drill tool. i've never used one before, but i sort of knew how it's supposed to work and how to make one.

i couldn't just leave it bare and boring could i? :)
i used a mica shift technique for the antique gold accents (--it's one of those techniques that's under-used and underrated in my opinion). the blue cane slices were from a cane i made during an advanced caning class, and a simple rose cane slice on both sides.

now i can't seem to get enough of it. i can't imagine how i did things back in the "dark ages" when all i used was an awl or my trusty needle tool :) 
i just might make a set of these.. they're oddly addicting :D
Just recently our guild had a black and white bead swap. excited as i was about the swap, time just wasn't enough.. but really when is it ever? so i settled on my ever dependable canes to do the hard work for me. i first made a square black and white cane with just a single bulls eye skinner blend with a chunk of white.after making a few beads with that, i reduced it and made a variation to use on the other half of my beads. with the canes i decided to make pillow beads. they came out okay. the seams could be better, but for a practice run i think they came out great :)   the beads were buffed to a subtle shine after baking.

i was really excited to see all the beads from the participating guild members, and since i was also swap master i was super psyched to be the first one to see them. when the first package came, it took a lot of my will to not rip it open and take a peak.

--ok, i took a peak. BUT! i didnt take it out of the baggie it came in. i waited for all (meaning, most :P) …
perfect bed-weather we're having lately, and my dog couldn't agree more. apol's a big dog really, but in his mind he's still a puppy. in his mind, he's not too big for mo's bed, the bed's just too darned small!
i have soo many things lined up to blog about..but i just don't have enough time. posting pictures would be easy, but it would be boring. so for now, i'll just blog about a few stuff i finished, and about some of the stuff ill be blogging about-- soon i hope. 

this is the chihuahua pendant i did for jhoi. it's on a gold-finished chain, with fuchsia-colored wood beads, which i really really love by the way because the color adds richness to the browns in the dog. i actually just found these by accident. i was looking for glass beads to use on this piece so i was scouring every store for the perfect beads, until i chanced upon a tray of assorted beads on sale. they may have been slow sellers, but they were just perfect for what i had in mind!…