perfect bed-weather we're having lately, and my dog couldn't agree more. apol's a big dog really, but in his mind he's still a puppy. in his mind, he's not too big for mo's bed, the bed's just too darned small!

i have soo many things lined up to blog about..but i just don't have enough time. posting pictures would be easy, but it would be boring. so for now, i'll just blog about a few stuff i finished, and about some of the stuff ill be blogging about-- soon i hope. 

this is the chihuahua pendant i did for jhoi. it's on a gold-finished chain, with fuchsia-colored wood beads, which i really really love by the way because the color adds richness to the browns in the dog. i actually just found these by accident. i was looking for glass beads to use on this piece so i was scouring every store for the perfect beads, until i chanced upon a tray of assorted beads on sale. they may have been slow sellers, but they were just perfect for what i had in mind! i bought a few handfuls of them in different colors. i'm pretty sure ill find a good use for them :)

these are bubble guppies -or so i am told. we don't have kids in the house, except for my dogs which are basically my "kids". these look deceptively simple, but man, i spent more time on these than on the other stuff here. the hair was a particularly tricky area. but in the end... ah. it was good getting the results i wanted.  

it's nice when something that doesnt turn out exactly how you envisioned surprises you. this cane was a "reject" because it came out too dark and the white stripes came out too stark. but magic happens whenever i use it on red and black. it just works so well! and the beads i used on this chain are actually carabao nails.  way cool! you can't tell by looking at them. i love them because the colors are really nice and warm.

and here are a couple of CF-inspired dragons too :) the yellow one's my current favorite.

here's what to look forward to in the coming days ( im hoping it doesnt take me months to post everything)
there are stories of my workshops, some fun events brewing in the guild, dog stuff - of course!- and maybe a tutorial or two.. lotsa stuff. so i better sleep. gotta give my brain cells some time to rest, too.

thanks for dropping by! see you soon :)


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