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Caning Tips

While making canes yesterday i was mulling about how to minimize the degree of one in skinner blends, because there are times i just want a hint of color on one end, so i tried making a small variation on the usual skinner process. this is what i came up with and i'm happy to say it came out nicely

Another tip is this: if you have to wrap your skinner plug, minimize it and be able to tell which color is where after doing so, leave a tiny gap in your outline color so even if it twists when you roll it, you always have a reference point. cool trick but one i usually forget to do myself hehe

And here's the thing i really really found useful. see, i always keep blank pieces of paper in my bag just in case i needed to jot something down or make a sketch of ideas that come to me while riding the train or walking. but these bits almost always get lost or thrown or inadvertedly used to wrap gum --yeah done that. i also bring my journal, so i have something to write on in case i find i…

Backlog: A photo blog

I hope nobody's forgotten about me even after all the months I've been keeping relatively quiet. it's great to be back and i must say, i feel fully charged and ready to go aba, after how many months nga naman of staring at the ceiling, floor, night sky, my work table, drying paint, dried up leaves, stagnant water (..yeah, you get the idea) waiting for inspiration to strike i better have some things up my sleeve (good ones, i hope. but no moths, i promise).
so before anything, i just want to share a few memorable events that took place during my unexpected hiatus.

first, my parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. I KNOW! 45 years!

-- this was taken in tagaytay where we celebrated father's day and their anniversary.. yes, both fell on the same day june 20, 2010
The photo above was taken May 15 during the beginner's caning workshop in Angeli's studio in cubao. ( Thanks again, Jill!)

After the class.. photo op na! haha (L-R) eliezl, josele, gretchen, karl, …