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Acrobatic Pachyderms

It's already September! Time flies by so fast and Christmas is fast approaching. But while we're still preparing for the holidays, I decided to finally finish the circus boxes I've had languishing and gathering dust in a drawer. I finished the base last year if I remember correctly, and they have waited patiently for the day that I would finally find the inspiration to make another set. That day came on the first week of September and so I finished all 4, yey! They are now listed on myEtsy shop.

Sale Alert!


These babies along with some other pretty stuff  are now on sale on my Facebook page.
Shimmy on down there to have a look.

I will be posting more photos during the week so keep your eyes peeled for surprises!

Also, a portion of the sales will be donated to PAWS --
Philippine Animal Welfare Society.

See you there!!

purpleluggage floral headbands

Just a little info on the floral headbands I just posted. A lot of people have been asking about them saying they look so pretty and dainty but wonder why they're priced differently than most headbands out in the market, so I wanted to give you guys a little peek into what actually goes into making these pretty floral pieces :)

I begin by making the petal canes I will use to make flowers. I usually make them by batches so i always have several canes with the same color scheme.

When I've made enough canes, i cut very thin slices from these petal canes and make the flowers by hand, building each flower petal by petal.

And when I've made enough flowers I assemble them and lay them out on a brass finish headband base and bake the whole shebang in the oven. The whole process ( from making canes to baking to post-curing processes) takes about two days. yep. Two days.

So although they do cost more than your average headband, you're sure that each piece is unique and made with lov…

rainy day baking

found this recipe on and i found it perfect since i had dogs that eat virtually anything i might have forgotten to put back.

I made 2 batches. The first one i thought came out too dry, so i added a little more liquid to the second one. turns out a drier dough's better since it dries out faster making the biscuits nice and crunchy, i left the second batch in the oven a bit longer so they have a chance to crisp up. they're really easy to make since the recipe only called for a few ingredients AND my dogs are crazy about them!--then again they'd eat ANYthing. i'm definitely making more of these when my doggies finish these and i'll try adding a bit of chicken liver-- oh, they are going to flip!

i just love how they all turned out nice and brown and crunchy, don't you?

after i made the cookies, i fixed myself a dinner of vegetable and chicken chowder, toasted wheat bread and plunked my tired butt in front of the tv to watch mirror,mirror-- it was…

surprises and craziness

I was over the moon when i learned my lockets got featured in The Polymer Arts Blog! To be mentioned as an individual artist was such a treat it took all the composure I could muster to stop myself from jumping all the way home. And to top it off, Kathleen Dustin was also featured in the article! Oh to be mentioned in the same article as one of my favorite artists, heavens to Murgatryod! I was giggling like a fool :D

You may read the blog entry here. You can also subscribe to the magazine, they have lots of interesting articles :)

Last night I finished this topper for a friend whose mom is celebrating a birthday on the 9th. 

I had fun making it, especially when it came to putting all the little details on the dress. I hope the birthday girl likes it :)

Also this week was the crocs mega sale. I know some people don't like crocs. I'm not one of them hehe I really like them, especially the big bulky ones Mario Batali always wears. You won't catch me wearing them 24/7, but they…

the art of self-editing

Hey there! Another weekend's here and while I watch a movie, waiting for sleep to come (it's 4am now), I've decided to blog about this idea I've had spinning in my head for some time now. I am a bit unsure though how to write it since it's not exactly a how-to, but more of an epiphany of sorts.

Maybe you've heard the phrase "self-edit". I first heard Tim Gunn say it to a Project Runway contestant (watching it is a guilty pleasure) and it confused me. I couldn't understand how a person could  edit something using the same aesthetic he used to create it. I wasn't incredulous, I mean,  love Tim Gunn. On the contrary, I found it interesting and curious and it made me wonder. I felt like it was a doorway to somewhere I've never been. A place where my art can grow and bloom, if i could only find the key to open that door. So I watched and listened and watched some more, until one day it hit me.

It's being able to detach yourself from your sel…

Holy Week Projects

I've been really busy making new stuff to put on my etsy, and i have made a lot of stuff  but i can't seem to make myself list them! haha I did miss playing with clay, though. I had a few weeks off since i was preparing for something i've been putting off for quite a LONG time, and I've finally taken the leap!
You may ask what the heck it is I am talking about,  weeeell, i'll start with a photo and take it from there :) That's me, and i FINALLY had my recital. An event I've been putting off forever. I have been meaning to write a post about it. 
Before it even took place, I already had, in my mind,  written the post-- what i felt, what i would feel, what i would do next..  but after everything, I couldn't because I realized words would not be enough.
But more on this on my next post, for now, all I can say is..
Thank GOD!!! :)

So what things can you expect on my etsy these coming months?

Blooming lockets

Clips.  Yep, found a use for all those clips i …

My new model?

Today I woke up feeling normal, but as the day wore on I got more and more stressed out and by midday I found myself on the precipice of a meltdown, so I decided I needed  to let out some steam and hunkered down to an afternoon of working with my hands.
I needed a statement necklace to wear with the dress I'm wearing to this thing I'm having late March (Queen of Avoidance here)
I'm feeling a lot better now, a bit calmer :) I liked how the necklace turned out, and I loved how it looked against black  so I put it on Madie lol It was really nice on her, but it was hard to get a good photo when she kept moving around!

Anyway, here it is. Hope it goes well with what I'm going to wear because I know I wont have time to do anything else :)
Wish me luck!!
In other news, I saw this photo with the accompanying story on my Facebook newsfeed and it really made my blood boil. Sorry I know some people do not like seeing images like this, but I just have to share this.

"This is …

Cane Slices

I made some new canes. They're basically the same as the ones I did a few weeks back just in different colors. I love how they look on my lockets so it's going to be long before  I get bored with them :) And as we "caners" know, when you have canes you inevitably have a few slices and ends lying around. These random slices usually end up in the scrap pile because i never seem to have  enough free space to put them in while they wait for the time I find a use for them.
 Recently, I've started using them in stroppel canes, but i can only make so much of that, so I decided to find a better way. 

Sooo this is what i came up with! I used the same plastic i wrap my canes with to make little pockets, then taped them to  plain paper to make it sturdier. They're like handy notebooks but with plastic pages. I really like them because I can stack them like real notebooks without fear of damaging the slices, I don't have to worry about dust, AND it's easy to s…