the art of self-editing

Hey there! Another weekend's here and while I watch a movie, waiting for sleep to come (it's 4am now), I've decided to blog about this idea I've had spinning in my head for some time now. I am a bit unsure though how to write it since it's not exactly a how-to, but more of an epiphany of sorts.

Maybe you've heard the phrase "self-edit". I first heard Tim Gunn say it to a Project Runway contestant (watching it is a guilty pleasure) and it confused me. I couldn't understand how a person could  edit something using the same aesthetic he used to create it. I wasn't incredulous, I mean,  love Tim Gunn. On the contrary, I found it interesting and curious and it made me wonder. I felt like it was a doorway to somewhere I've never been. A place where my art can grow and bloom, if i could only find the key to open that door. So I watched and listened and watched some more, until one day it hit me.

It's being able to detach yourself from your self, because that is what art essentially is-- a part of you. It's being able to step back and look at your work through fresh eyes and seeing all the details without the bias and without the "censoring affection" of a mother looking at her "perfect" child. I admit, when I make something, especially if I'm trying something new, I get excited and giddy. It's normal, I think, to feel proud of your work. It feels like a success when I try a new technique or a different style and it actually works! And then a few months pass and I happen to stumble upon a picture of that piece and I think,


Yes, it's hard to self-edit. It's hard in any field, be it fashion, painting, music, writing, (like now I know i won't be doing any self editing here since I'm pretty sure the second I hit publish I'm gonna drag my butt to bed. it's almost 6am, beteedubs.) I feel that sometimes my excitement and enthusiasm to share gets the best of me and I lose my critical eye, but I've realized how important that is in terms of my growth and keeping the diversity in what I do.

For now, here's what I do when I want to really see what I've been working on. I tuck the piece away in a box with all my finished projects and keep it there for a few days or maybe even a week, then I take it out and I literally look at it with fresh eyes. I get to take all the details in without my "mommy complex" getting in the way of the critique. If it's something like a blog post, sleep is the key. I hit Save instead of Publish and get a good night's sleep and read it when I get up (--because, quite honestly, although this is the most creative part of the day for me, I get all dramatic and mushy in the wee hours of the morning.) It's been working so far and I'm realizing where my faults are and what areas I can improve on. The downside to this though is that some of my stuff wont be seeing the light of day... maybe not until after I've made a few tweaks here and there. :)

Here are some photos of my recent works. I'll post them here and hopefully if I see them again in a week or so, I will deem them good enough to go on my Etsy.

 Bas relief cat

Humpty Dumpty

Thissen-inspired applique pendants

Hello, Sun! We meet again!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!


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