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Hapy Holidays from my family to yours!


Wedding Cake

This is the wedding cake my sister made last december 14. all the flowers were handmade and edible, don't they look absolutely realistic? :)

Wedding Cake Topper~

i almost didn't get a chance to take a photo of this because my sisters went to a wedding -- where she made the cake... amazing i'm telling you! i'll be posting those photos soon ^_^ --  they brought the camera along. buti na lang the shipping got delayed since i had to look for a sturdier container. i had one more day to take a nice shot.

there's the cherry blossom tree from my previous post :)

Lab Keychain~

Lab Keychain for RS/Coleen - pre-baking

with LADY name tag

Challenging to say the least.. but worth it ^_^

Our newly adopted baby, Henry Theodore Higgins ^_^

Kiddie workshop.. fun but very tiring. Where do they get all that energy?O_o

New Cupcake Charms

 Cupcake Photo/Card Holders

Phone Charms

I love using those little acrylic containers and mini bottles to organize rhinestones and toppers. must buy more ^_^