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New lockets, Flowers galore!

Seeing as I have't posted much of the things I've made lately here's a compilation of my favorite recent works.
A personalized cake server and knife set and a couple of champagne flutes all in a pretty carnation pink palette.

This photo is from Diane, a client who also asked for a  custom cake server and knife set for her beautiful wedding.
A playful lock and key I made for our guild's  "Sweet Pairings" March challenge
some new "experimental" flowers

dainty pink flowers and a monogrammed heart for a wedding
pretty and colorful custom hair combs and clip on earrings for a chorale
black and white flowers.. so pretty! i loved the tulle and bead center  my sister made for them.
a Stroppel jellyroll in the works. I just LOVE making these.  They're useful, versatile and I get to use all the "stale" canes I have in my cane drawer.
Some new lockets


Video walk through

hey, there! I made a short video about how I make my funky ladies. watch it below :) hope you guys like it!

In defense of PC artists

An artist friend recently told me about a thread she read online which, in a nutshell, said that unlike other crafters, polymer clay artists are madamot  in sharing their techniques. There were some good points raised on that thread and I wish I was a member of that group so I could have participated in the discussion, but since I'm not I'm having my say here. Share your thoughts in the comments below.. i don't bite :)
People who know me know that when I began working with polymer clay it was at a time when the Internet was still a magical place few men have gone. We had a computer but what it really was was an electronic typewriter (remember DOS?). Craft books, tools and supplies were hard to come by unless you had generous and thoughtful relatives abroad. Forget about e-books. What I had was a bag of clay samples, a little slip of paper with baking instructions, my hands, my imagination and my eagerness to learn. This makes me sound so old, but I did start roughly 20 ye…