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Christmas 2011

Christmas, I think, is my favorite holiday. It just brings back so many wonderful childhood memories that no amount of holiday stress can ruin it for me. 
I love the lights, the gift-giving, the food, the laughter, the shopping, the midnight masses, the smells, the music, the chill in the air... Christmas is home for me. I know, Christmas shouldn't revolve around the material stuff but let's admit it, without the trimmings, it just feels like less of a celebration-- and the season is about celebrating!

This is our holiday tree--or trees i should say. My sister who's in charge of decorating the house didn't bother putting it up until the 24th because they were so busy baking (which made me panic a bit because I thought she didn't have any plans of putting the tree up at all! but good thing she did, yey!) don't you just love the lights? i do :) 

Mo got a head start on opening presents.
He got a ball which he then proceeded to pounce and chew.

We had a simple b…

early morning clicks :)

my babies and i shared a really, really early breakfast of hot, steaming rice and chicken soup at 5am. they ate soo much that after eating they could do no more than sleep and lay around looking the fuzzy contented babies that they are :) it was the perfect opportunity to take some photos because they didn't really care about what i was doing, all they wanted to do was lounge around :) here are some of my favorites.


Christmas is in the air

Just a little show and tell today. I've hardly had the chance to play with my clay so i don't have anything new to sho you guys, but i do have some other stuff i wanna share :) 

here's a new picture of me and my "poyfriend" he smells so nice today.. just the right mix of dusty-dog and soap smell ^_^

naaalala nyo pa ba ito? i do! meron pa pala sa robinson's hihi

i needed to pass the time earlier while waiting for my family to arrive. we were having dinner out since it's their first day back from a short vacation to the province. i didn't plan on buying anything, but i found these really cute Christmas ornaments and i couldn't help myself :)

these peppermints are so cute, i'm thinking of hanging them around the veranda or in place of gift tags-- i have a whole box of Christmassy stuff that i like to just add onto gifts as a final touch since i usually just wrap gifts with plain craft paper and twine :) 
and these are gingerbread men.. and women…

dream work spaces

after all the preps for the gpb, i found myself swimming in a sea of mess and destruction. it was utter chaos but for days after the storm had hit, i had neither the heart nor the will to go and fix it. i languished in the debris, picking my way through it every night, hoping that i don't step on anything sharp, or worse--- ALIVE.
so one night, while i was busy delaying the inevitable dive into the black hole that is my room, i caught my sister on skype and we got to talking about all the mess that follows crafters/pack rats like us around. we threw around a few ideas, and hopes and dreams including -but not limited to- winning the lottery and having a big craft room built just for all our junk, which in turn inspired me to search for cute work areas and color palates (a hobby i really enjoy ). here are a few photos that got our blood pumping :)

Note-- i just got these off the net so, no, i don't claim ownership to any of these beautiful spaces.

okay, so this is actually a play …

my new toy

recently got a new camera so ive been taking photos of everything! i love it so much ^_^

so i really enjoy taking photos of all my new items even more. ive managed to take some decent shots but i know me and my  new toy need to get acquainted more :) here are some product shots i took using my baby.

hey, poy! :)
the colors are really vibrant and the settings are relatively easy to understand, though i do find myself lost sometimes in the jargon hehe much to learn :)

P3 at the GPB

Recently joined a bazaar with some of  my P3 friends and whatta blast it was! :)

mel's table
oshee's dolls that i sooo love :)
the P3 exhibit :)
my display (1st day)
thought of you's board.. really really nice display!
penny's table was so full! and i loved the colors of the boxes she used-- so earthy!
my table on day 2-- i displayed my sister's money envelopes which sold like hotcakes!
my DIY stand on top of my sister's DIY stand displaying my cupcakes, rose rings and my lone circus box 

jill and baby ally even dropped by to see how things were doing!
hi ate eli! 
me and lody of crafting time :)
gin, moi and joyce :)
and here are all the stuff i got that day! 

dolls from oshee -LOVE!- the one on the right i got a few months back.  yey! i have two now!
a covered tin pendant from mel--absolutely PAWSOME ^_^
this really really cute cat and fish pendant i bought from pau :)