P3 at the GPB

Recently joined a bazaar with some of  my P3 friends and whatta blast it was! :)

mel's table

oshee's dolls that i sooo love :)

the P3 exhibit :)

my display (1st day)

thought of you's board.. really really nice display!

penny's table was so full! and i loved the colors of the boxes she used-- so earthy!

my table on day 2-- i displayed my sister's money envelopes which sold like hotcakes!

my DIY stand on top of my sister's DIY stand displaying my cupcakes, rose rings and my lone circus box 

jill and baby ally even dropped by to see how things were doing!

hi ate eli! 

me and lody of crafting time :)

gin, moi and joyce :)

and here are all the stuff i got that day! 

dolls from oshee -LOVE!- the one on the right i got a few months back. 
yey! i have two now!

a covered tin pendant from mel--absolutely PAWSOME ^_^

this really really cute cat and fish pendant i bought from pau :)

and a pair of angry bird earrings i bought from gin. i can't believe how "clean" and detailed 
all her pieces look, like they were machine made, it amazing!

and here are some other stuff i got from my other P3 gels, bang and penny, when we had the baby shower -
the dog themed pieces were from bang, and the pendant i got from penny. SUPER cute! ^_^


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