Micro Bead Mania!

my sister gave me 2 sets of micro beads last month. one set was metallic, the other was all pastels i think. that's  24 jars of yummy-colored beads i was clueless about using :D

since i got them, i've played around with a few ideas, but with the dog bracelet and the stuff i have to finish for the bazaar on november and the stuff i have to make for my sister and cousins by september 22, i didn't think i'd have much play time-- then fate stepped in and made me sick, landing me the role of couch potato for the remainder of the week and the entire weekend. funny how things work themselves out sometimes :)

i started with a white base and covered that with an assortment of canes, flattened each slice and re-shaped the base. i then slicked on a thin layer of liquid medium so the beads have something to hold on to while the whole thing bakes.

shake. shake. shake.

i used a brush to GENTLY brush of the excess and coax the other beads to fill the gaps.

it's magical it's so addicting.

i wasn't thinking about what i wanted to make these two into - i was just having so much fun i didn't really care :) - so after sealing them i just stuck each onto a ring base

made a few lockets, too. i really like how the ones with the transparent beads look, but im still not sure how im going to use the colored ones.. 

this is just... uninspired.


i'm really happy with how this one turned out :)

you just might see more of this during the 
GPB Bazaar in November! Hope you guys can drop by :)


Oh my gosh, these are so cool! I use them in my collages and paintings and have used them in some jewelry as an accent, but this is awesome! Thank you. So happy to have found your blog.
purpleluggage said…
thank you!! it warms my heart to know people find my blog interesting and inspiring :)
Anonymous said…
jen, im drooling over your ms microbead set now :p
Yannie said…
Wow! That's nice. I love it!

Sis, may tanong lang ako. Can I use oven use for baking food? Or dapat separate oven? Thanks
jennifer said…
ganda sya ling! though ewan ko if ever mauubos ko silang gamitin :D
jennifer said…
hey yannie :) if you're just starting and hindi naman ganun karami yung ibe-bake mo, you can use your home oven. but if you plan on starting a business and baking a lot, it would be better to invest on a small oven. just make sure it has a thermostat and that you purchase a separate oven thermometer you can place inside while baking to monitor your temp. hope that helps :) and thanks for dropping by my blog!

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