How We Roll :D

Last month, we at the guild had our 2nd get together party. I wasn't able to make it to our first one so i was  glad  because i was sure to make it to this one.. i mean i better since it was going to be held at our house! :)

A LOT happened that day so i'll just let all the photos speak for themselves. choosing which ones to use for the collages was a challenge in itself, but it was really fun to look back.. i found myself smiling on more than one occasion remembering the fun we had!

the girls spruce up the place with balloons and crepe paper balls (which i love, btw!) courtesy of ms. bang. the table looks festive with the diaper cakes and balloons, doncha think?

admit it.. you cried a little, too :)

Fun games!

Until next time, gels!!


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