Birthday! Birthday! Oh, what fun!

I had my birthday last July, which I always share with Hobbes since we don't know when his is-- my little baby, Mandy, had her birthday a few days earlier, but we only got to celebrate it a couple of weeks after because of all the rain.. a doggy party's no fun if it ain't sunny :)  here are a few snapshots:

My Birthday
This is me with my birthday cake.. yummy! 
Since forever, we've always bought our birthday cakes from the same bakery. 
It's a taste of my childhood and birthdays just wouldn't be the same without it :)
(Hobbes' says "dibs!" on the sugar flowers)

some of the really special people in my life :) 
i'm really glad they came to celebrate my birthday with me
even with the rain storm.

my brother and christine, one of my oldest and bestest friends, 
making chika about college, 
life, friends and relationships. haha 


The Food. Glorious, Scrumptious Food.
All lovingly done by my sister :)

Humus with some cut up veggies 

the cheese and pesto with crackers

barbecue (which never made it to the ref :D), lumpia and pastel (my mom's specialty)

and the dessert table --my personal favorite!

Cream Puffs ^_^

Spicy Chocolate Pudding

and fruit salad. man, did i eat!

Mandy's party

her brothers look on excitedly 

On the Menu:

mini cakes with liver in the middle (YUM-O!), topped with some sweet frosting and a sprinkling of crunchy dog food for each of them.
(luckily my sister was icing a cake and we got a bowlful just for us!) 

-- crackers topped with liver spread and a few crunchy munchies!

Mo starts on his crackers by employing the forklift method of picking up a piece 
and setting it down outside his bowl.

you can imagine how antsy they were all getting when i was sorting the food in front of them haha
i had to slap (in a gentle, loving way) a few stray snouts here and there :)

by this time, Fudge was shivering with excitement when he smelled the liver (his ULTIMATE fave) 
i couldn't get a decent photo haha
We call him Mr. Shivers

"can i eat now? --
how about NOW?! please?"

after our little party we had a nice lunch (of course!) of rice and dog food, our usual fare, plus lots and lots a meaty chunks and... you guessed it, LIVER! :)

Needless to say Bubu's 4th bday was a happy success!


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