Johz Co. Clay

received a few sample of Johz Co. Clay a couple of months ago and today i decided to make a few stuff with them.

usually i use different brands of clay when i make stuff to get the effect i want in terms of flexibility, finish, color.

with my canes though, i don't stick with the same brand, instead i use those that have the same firmness.
making this cane, i found the clay a bit on the soft-sticky side. not necessarily bad, since i look for a little tacky-ness so the parts stick together easily, lessening the occurrence of air bubbles. a bit soft if you're one who doesn't like to wait for your cane to stiffen -- that's me. but given a few days, the pattern and shape should hold up nicely.

for this dragon, i used pale pink, light blue and pale yellow Johz Co. Clay for parts of the wing and the ears.
i really, really love the colors. they look so dreamy-- and yummy!! haha the word "taffy" came to mind while making these.

after baking it takes on a matte finish. it's not as flexible as other local brands--it's more like Kato in this regard.

for the mirror, i used the pale yellow on the border solely for the color and the translucency, which lent a nice, subtle feel. the softness here posed a bit of a challenge when i was cutting it and laying it on the base, but then when i got used to it, it was quite easy to work around it.

im really sold on the colors because again they're so dreamy and subtle-- really great for someone who doesn't like mixing custom colors every time hehe

it's a bit on the sticky and soft side, but still workable. not what i would use for sculptures, but for accents and simple filler canes :)


earthlyjewels said…
I reallly love the dragon!!! I've been wanting to try Johz Co clays..I love the colors. I think I should give it a go sometime soon! Thanks for a nice review!
purpleluggage said…
the colors are so nice.. and not so common :) thanks penny!

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