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the art of self-editing

Hey there! Another weekend's here and while I watch a movie, waiting for sleep to come (it's 4am now), I've decided to blog about this idea I've had spinning in my head for some time now. I am a bit unsure though how to write it since it's not exactly a how-to, but more of an epiphany of sorts.

Maybe you've heard the phrase "self-edit". I first heard Tim Gunn say it to a Project Runway contestant (watching it is a guilty pleasure) and it confused me. I couldn't understand how a person could  edit something using the same aesthetic he used to create it. I wasn't incredulous, I mean,  love Tim Gunn. On the contrary, I found it interesting and curious and it made me wonder. I felt like it was a doorway to somewhere I've never been. A place where my art can grow and bloom, if i could only find the key to open that door. So I watched and listened and watched some more, until one day it hit me.

It's being able to detach yourself from your sel…