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Food! What else is there?

It's been a veeery slow couple of weeks for me. The hours seemed to crawl at a glacial pace, and yet in the blink of an eye another week has come and gone and I was still nurturing the couch potato that is me.

Thing is, I've made a few shop announcements that I was back and ready to go to work in my studio table, and yet I find myself constantly drawn from it. The mojo is not there. I've made so little and the little I've made were a tad below my personal standards. I'm feeling sheepish, and kinda iffy about risking another shout out to advertise another false start, then I  say myself I have to start somewhere. Maybe this time I'll just slide into things and see how things go from there. Right now I'm feeling pretty okay. Just the other day I walked my 2 dogs, and the day after that I walked with my sister--no, she wasn't on a leash. she's a pretty good girl! And today when I made my doggies' food, I decided to shake things up and make meatbal…