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Christmas 2011

Christmas, I think, is my favorite holiday. It just brings back so many wonderful childhood memories that no amount of holiday stress can ruin it for me. 
I love the lights, the gift-giving, the food, the laughter, the shopping, the midnight masses, the smells, the music, the chill in the air... Christmas is home for me. I know, Christmas shouldn't revolve around the material stuff but let's admit it, without the trimmings, it just feels like less of a celebration-- and the season is about celebrating!

This is our holiday tree--or trees i should say. My sister who's in charge of decorating the house didn't bother putting it up until the 24th because they were so busy baking (which made me panic a bit because I thought she didn't have any plans of putting the tree up at all! but good thing she did, yey!) don't you just love the lights? i do :) 

Mo got a head start on opening presents.
He got a ball which he then proceeded to pounce and chew.

We had a simple b…

early morning clicks :)

my babies and i shared a really, really early breakfast of hot, steaming rice and chicken soup at 5am. they ate soo much that after eating they could do no more than sleep and lay around looking the fuzzy contented babies that they are :) it was the perfect opportunity to take some photos because they didn't really care about what i was doing, all they wanted to do was lounge around :) here are some of my favorites.