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i've been pondering on doing a set of jewelry boxes with an alice in wonderland theme, but i haven't gotten around to making something that works. so i came up with these pieces instead.. for the meantime :)  they still fall along the dreamy, fairy-ish category i think. hope you like 'em.

wall-e and eve for rea~

having a bit of fun with picnik.. really cool app :)

The Patrick Miracle

I was rooting around fb yesterday and stumbled upon a page "The Patrick Miracle". It's a heart-rending, gut wrenching, but ultimately inspiring story of a dog, and people with compassion. Read about Patrick's story HERE.

Patrick is alive and well, showered with love and prayers from all over the world and with of countless offers of a loving home.

You can subscribe to his youtube channel HERE

And if you are thinking of getting a dog, please consider adopting.

oven cover

I was in a crafty, recycling mood today (plus maybe hit a creative block or two) so i hunted down my sewing tools and an old Pedigree sack i was saving and made a cover for my clay oven. It came out really nice, and since I keep my oven outdoors (but under the roof), it does a good job of keeping the dust and grime away. I have a lot of scrap, and another empty sack in the closet, I'm thinking "pasta machine cover, reusable grocery bags, coin purse maybe?... " which means all-consuming, albeit geeky fun. :)

SUBMIT YOUR PHOTO for our new group background image

Ola, chicas! I've got some spare time and so i was able to "manage" the group website a bit . I wanna change the look of our site to make it more summery and bright, so i'm hoping y'all could help me by joining --and eventually voting-- for the next artist to be featured on our wallpaper. i bet rocky's ready to relinquish her title :)
But before anything, what is polymerclayphil.multiply.comabout?  basically, it's a place where polymer artists can share tips, ask all sorts of clay related questions, make friends, and of course, show-off their fabulous wares!  
So hop on over to our group site, join if you're not a member yet and get creative. details about this event can be found in the blog section.
or if you don't wanna veer away from fb, i've taken the liberty of posting the details below, too. 
Hope to see you gals, and perhaps some guys there :) cheerio!
Whew! Lots a new members…

Hobbes -- updated


boxes for rose~

after a very short breather in baguio, i found myself drawn to the cozy, shabby chic appeal of baguio-- at least for me. i needed new canes for four new boxes i had to make, and after my experimental technique fell through i had to think of other ways to achieve the design i was going for-- vintage, homey.

i came up with these canes, in two palettes of brights and muted colors. 
all of my new canes are now featured on the boxes i made for rose. :) 

Number 1 Dog~

it's been a long time since i've published a proper entry. by proper i mean an entry with actual words and not just pictures. this particular post has been sitting around for more than a month, and i'm fighting the urge to just publish the photos and leave it at that. but i won't, so i will try to eke out a few sentences in the hopes of jump starting the old brain into writing (hopefully) cohesive and (maybe) interesting lines.

so this is Hobbes, my baby. he's a hairy old boy of about 12 years. he loves spaghetti, dried or cooked, it doesnt really matter. he loves to mark every leg of every table, chair, or person in sight.  he smiles. he will eat ANYTHING, even tin foil and tissue. he l-o-v-e-s to walk, erm, run.  He has proven the saying "you cant teach old dogs new tricks" wrong because he just learned how to catch. he's very, very sweet.  figuratively.  he twirls when he's happy and excited.  he has a lot of nicknames he Loves sugar flowers and frenc…