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Ola, chicas! I've got some spare time and so i was able to "manage" the group website a bit . I wanna change the look of our site to make it more summery and bright, so i'm hoping y'all could help me by joining --and eventually voting-- for the next artist to be featured on our wallpaper. i bet rocky's ready to relinquish her title :)

But before anything, what is about?  basically, it's a place where polymer artists can share tips, ask all sorts of clay related questions, make friends, and of course, show-off their fabulous wares!  

So hop on over to our group site, join if you're not a member yet and get creative. details about this event can be found in the blog section.

or if you don't wanna veer away from fb, i've taken the liberty of posting the details below, too. 

Hope to see you gals, and perhaps some guys there :) cheerio!


Whew! Lots a new members and i must say, the group's still buzzing with activity, even without admin's help --sorry 'bout that. I just got around to "managing" the site a bit.. really sorry for not updating sooner.

So, in the spirit of summer and all that is bright and sunny, i think it's time for us to have a new background image for our site. Interested peeps please email me your most fave photo of something you've made yourself -- like what Rocky did maybe a couple of years ago-- I will put all entries in one album and everyone can have their say on who gets to be our featured artist in our group wallpaper. Deadline for submission is on Easter Sunday, which is April 24, while the deadline for voting will be 11:59pm of April 30, which i think gives everyone enough time to  get creative!

Think: FUN, SUMMER, SUN. Remember, we'll be looking for something creative, original, and of course, the photo must be eye-catching and pretty. Also, please limit your photo size to 1mb 

email me your photos at this address:, 
and put "photo entry" as your subject. 

Let's create masterpieces, baby!  Here's to a great clayin' summer! Good luck everyone!

Jen Cruz


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