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My new model?

Today I woke up feeling normal, but as the day wore on I got more and more stressed out and by midday I found myself on the precipice of a meltdown, so I decided I needed  to let out some steam and hunkered down to an afternoon of working with my hands.
I needed a statement necklace to wear with the dress I'm wearing to this thing I'm having late March (Queen of Avoidance here)
I'm feeling a lot better now, a bit calmer :) I liked how the necklace turned out, and I loved how it looked against black  so I put it on Madie lol It was really nice on her, but it was hard to get a good photo when she kept moving around!

Anyway, here it is. Hope it goes well with what I'm going to wear because I know I wont have time to do anything else :)
Wish me luck!!
In other news, I saw this photo with the accompanying story on my Facebook newsfeed and it really made my blood boil. Sorry I know some people do not like seeing images like this, but I just have to share this.

"This is …

Cane Slices

I made some new canes. They're basically the same as the ones I did a few weeks back just in different colors. I love how they look on my lockets so it's going to be long before  I get bored with them :) And as we "caners" know, when you have canes you inevitably have a few slices and ends lying around. These random slices usually end up in the scrap pile because i never seem to have  enough free space to put them in while they wait for the time I find a use for them.
 Recently, I've started using them in stroppel canes, but i can only make so much of that, so I decided to find a better way. 

Sooo this is what i came up with! I used the same plastic i wrap my canes with to make little pockets, then taped them to  plain paper to make it sturdier. They're like handy notebooks but with plastic pages. I really like them because I can stack them like real notebooks without fear of damaging the slices, I don't have to worry about dust, AND it's easy to s…