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claydate and pre-birthday party!

my dates L-R ling, lody, cathy, mommy dinns, and peachy :)

 we all brought food.. super dami, super busog! 

peachy animatedly teaches us how to make a small doll, and there's rea who rushed from work just to join in the fun!

ling was all smiles with her trimmed-down pasta machine :)

here's lody teaching a simple and surprisingly cheap image transfer technique--cool!
we spent the day (and night) chatting, exchanging techniques, asking questions, reading books, eating and having fun :)
and this is me making a wish :) i'm really thankful for the friends this craft has brought into my life. thank you so much for sharing this day with me!
i have a few more workshop pictures i want/need to post so i'll post them now, i'd loved to put a few more words with this entry, but hey, let the pics speak this time

--IOW.. tamad mag-blog lol

really happy to have met these people, and thank you for trusting me and enrolling in my workshops :) there are also some shots of the yummy food, courtesy of my sister :)
Donna and Je as they pose during their workshops :)

workshops with Haizel and Rachel

im trying to go through my backlog of blog entries and i stumbled upon this draft..i totally forgot to post it so here i am.. posting it :)
had my first workshop at home with haizel. it was a cake topper workshop and here are some photos:

groom heads :P

the FOOD c/o my sister.

My workshop with Rachel -- who even brought me cake!! Super duper thanks Rachel!

more pictures of food.. i'd never hear the end of it if i forgot to take pictures:P

and my assistants who kept us company :)

Fairy tales and Daydreams

It's been really busy ever since June came around, with rehearsals back in full swing, P3, MTO's and clay workshops during most weekends i can hardly find time to write anything. if only there was an app that automatically puts a perfect caption to the photos i upload i'd be cheery hehe but hey, LIFE is good.. but sleep is sooo much better! LOL

here's an update though, i won the Trash to Treasure challenge!! It was such a pleasant birthday surprise, because i didn't think i'd win. i was behind on votes from day1 and stopped counting on day 3 haha but really, thanks to everyone who voted for my entry. muchas gracias, chicas! :)

here are a few shots of my dwarf lantern and the brief write up i wrote for it for the Yabang Pinoy exbihit we participated in last Aug 8-10(pics and maybe a post coming soon. crossing my toes now).

“Dusk was starting to fall as Perdue walked with eager steps to the back door. He grabs his coat from the wall and takes the Fire Lantern down…