Fairy tales and Daydreams

It's been really busy ever since June came around, with rehearsals back in full swing, P3, MTO's and clay workshops during most weekends i can hardly find time to write anything. if only there was an app that automatically puts a perfect caption to the photos i upload i'd be cheery hehe but hey, LIFE is good.. but sleep is sooo much better! LOL

here's an update though, i won the Trash to Treasure challenge!! It was such a pleasant birthday surprise, because i didn't think i'd win. i was behind on votes from day1 and stopped counting on day 3 haha but really, thanks to everyone who voted for my entry. muchas gracias, chicas! :)

here are a few shots of my dwarf lantern and the brief write up i wrote for it for the Yabang Pinoy exbihit we participated in last Aug 8-10(pics and maybe a post coming soon. crossing my toes now).

“Dusk was starting to fall as Perdue walked with eager steps to the back door. He grabs his coat from the wall and takes the Fire Lantern down from the kitchen cupboard. Tonight he was going out to look for pixies.”
             This piece was inspired by my love for fantasy; my fascination of mythical creatures and magical worlds. I wanted the body of the lantern to look like darkly tanned leather held together by copper plates. The lens in front, adorned with dark twigs and toadstools, magnifies a warm, gentle glow giving the impression of a hundred fireflies humming within. The handles were sculpted and painted to resemble wood. The lantern is topped with a domed blue stone cap. 


Anonymous said…
jen congratulations! a deserved win! the detail and how you put all of the pieces together, it just boggles the mind. you've got amazing talent!
purpleluggage said…
aawww, thanks ling!! :)

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