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Purpleluggage gets Rocky-fied!

ang workshop na matagal nang pinagpaplanuhan natuloy na sa wakas! :)
last May 14 rocky and i met up at Eastwood to have our swap-workshop.  little did i know we were going to swap more than techniques and our swap stuff. i thought we were going to have a quiet time just claying, but i don't think "quiet" would describe what we were that day lol
we got a few things in of course, but i really had fun talking and guffawing (laughing just won't cut it) with rocky. she was so nice, talented and so generous, im really glad our clay date pushed through. and then there's her hubby marlon and little liam who were just as welcoming. thanks sooo much for accommodating me, even if you're all so busy with preparations.

for our swap, rocky gave me this beautiful necklace. soo pretty doncha agree?   i most definitely think so :) my sister's loved it, too.
--also got a baggie full of image transfers, whoopee!

and this is the CF-inspired dragon i gave rocky.

 we were having so mu…

where the heart is

i got stuck at home the whole of last week because i had to take care of my sick dog, and whenever i'm worried, i like keeping my hands busy so i don't have to think so much. and as fate would have it, i found something to keep my hands occupied. 
i made this mosaic flag as a submission for our pc guild's profile picture challenge. The challenge was to make the Philippine flag in clay. i had time, i wanted to try out a mosaic technique i've been mulling over, and i needed a distraction-- it was perfect! 
of course since i was already distracted to begin with, i made the first flag one without putting in the three stars lol that's how excited i was to try out the technique.
got it right on the second attempt.
and the good thing too was mine got picked! well, okay i was the first to submit .. but still, yey!

so what happened to my dog.. 
she passed away. i'm really sad, but seeing her hurting so much and not being able to walk (she had to drag herself with her forelegs…

Workshops now offered at purpleluggage

Hey everyone!

I am happy to announce that purpleluggage is now offering workshops! All workshops are available for groups (min 3; max 6) and individual persons.
As of now, these are the workshops available to you at purpleluggage:

Beginner Learn the basics of creating with polymer clay and begin exploring this wonderfully limitless craft.

Basic Caning Discover millefiori canes
Elmo and Big Bird rings for my cousin :)

wedding present for a friend~

A sunflower themed jewelry box.. hope my friend likes it :)

--my dogs kept smelling me and bumping me with their cold noses the whole time i was taking these pictures. Maybe I smell like bacon :P