where the heart is

i got stuck at home the whole of last week because i had to take care of my sick dog, and whenever i'm worried, i like keeping my hands busy so i don't have to think so much. and as fate would have it, i found something to keep my hands occupied. 

i made this mosaic flag as a submission for our pc guild's profile picture challenge. The challenge was to make the Philippine flag in clay. i had time, i wanted to try out a mosaic technique i've been mulling over, and i needed a distraction-- it was perfect! 

of course since i was already distracted to begin with, i made the first flag one without putting in the three stars lol that's how excited i was to try out the technique.

got it right on the second attempt.

and the good thing too was mine got picked! well, okay i was the first to submit .. but still, yey!

so what happened to my dog.. 

she passed away. i'm really sad, but seeing her hurting so much and not being able to walk (she had to drag herself with her forelegs), pee or poop, i knew this was better for her. 

it was really hard seeing her die slowly with me feeling helpless.

i was torn between keeping her company and wanting her to know that she was not alone, and not wanting to see her suffer. i did stay though, and i did not take my hand off her little chest until i felt her heart beat its last.

i took her paw print minutes before she passed, and i'm glad i did. 

she will always be remembered with fondness. 
thanks ate choti, we love you. 


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