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i love packages!

i feel so spoiled pag nakakakuha ako ng package from helen. the first time we swapped i got a lot of extra stuff, and even on the succeeding packages she sent me, there're always unexpected surprises inside that i  feel like a kid on Christmas morning. i havent posted photos, alhtough i've long wanted to, so here they are, some are from the package she sent me a month ago, and some from the latest package ^_^

Tuna Tuyo or "bulad" -- YUMMY!

assorted charms, bails, hair pins, a smiley pin and a bear charm.. all so cute and charming! Thank you!!!

Look what the dogs dragged in~

lagi kong sinasabi kay madie( my minipin): pahingi ng isa, sige na, isa lang. dapat pala na-specify ko tuta hindi kuting =^_^= 

we named her Caramel Sunday - caramel for her color, sunday kasi that's the day my dogs found her :)


i got really worried -- still am-- about one of my dogs, Apol (Apolinario, he's a HE and that's him sleeping on top of the aircon outside my bedroom window). he hasn't been eating with his usual gusto these past few days and i can't help but feel a bit scared that he might besick. his brother, George, died a few months back from kidney failure, and one of the symptoms he exhibited prior to getting really, really, sick were a lack of appetite and fatigue.

my worrying has eased somewhat because he ate pandesal and just finished his dinner. i also gave him a vitamin supplement. i'm hoping he gets his normal appetite back soon.. i'm sick with worry.

witch pin~

while i'm waiting for my clays to arrive i decided to get started on my new halloween project by making a practice witch head. obviously had fun with the eyes haha

here's a clay tip, if you have lots of scrap clay, you can use it to cheat. like if you have a limited amount of color, use the scrap for the bulk of the body of whatever your making then just cover it with a thin sheet of the color you need, like what i did with this witch and also the bangles i make , so you don't waste what precious clay you have and you get to use your scraps ^_^

going back to the witch, i don't have hair for her yet -- the white feathery stuff is actually the fuzz on a cow pen i have. Niiice :)--  but now i know what i'm going to be buying heheh 

new strawberry cane~

i started assembling some of the stuff i finished making yesterday, not sure what i'm going to do with the rest.. anyone wanna buy ready made cookie charms? hahah then i made more coffee cups, put whipped cream on the cups i already had, filled the cones i'd done yesterday and made a sundae from an extra dainty mug i had lying around. then i made little ready to use sprinkles of hearts stars and gingerbread men.. for future use on cupcakes ^_^ i wasplanning on making halloween themed charms and pins.. i wish there were more hours in a day.

what's baking!~

i have a few more pending orders then everything will be back to normal and i can start accepting mto's again, yey! but i can't finish them yet kasi im still waiting for my new clays to arrive.. double yey! so in the meantime i made some new ready to ship items. i'm not eally big on food and cupcakes and icecream charms.. wala akong flair to make them cute enough hahah but over the weekend, i got inspired by some books and sites i found and managed to make some charms that, at least to me, are adorable ^_^ i love the hot chocolate mugs.. and the oreo keycharm i made for my brother... or myself, it depends haha

the mini cookie jar pendants (with the cookies and wafer sticks) are not for sale -yet- i'll be sending those to someplace else ^_^

have a cute-filled week ahead!!

new table -- new canes!

-- my newhappyplace ^_^--

sample kimono pattern for wedding~

new cherry blossom canes

weekend project

this weekend i gave my clays a rest and worked on my new work table. for a few months since opening up purpleluggage i did everything on a table that's just the perfect size.. for a 4 year-old.. really tiny & back-breaking.

so a few days ago, out of pity?, my dad asked someone to build me a simple work table. didn't really care as long as it was high! cool thing is, it was made with scraps from recent remodelings.. my table's got personality and history ^_^

not much to look at-- yet, but it's got lots of potential =)

day 1:  i finished cleaning and putty-ing it (--my fingers along with it  hehe) -CHECK!

day 2: painting

multiply now supports online sellers~


Until today, running a shop on Multiply has technically been a violation of our terms of service. As long as you didn't spam anyone though, we simply looked the other way and let you go about your business. I know that this policy didn't exactly give you all a lot of comfort, so I'm happy to announce that we've updated our terms of service to reflect the fact that running a shop on Multiply is now an officially endorsed activity.

If you would like to run a shop on Multiply, all you have to do is identify yourself as an online seller. To do this, click on "my account" at the top of any page and then on "My Account Info". In the Account Type field just check the box to indicate that your account is an online shop. That's it! Once you make this change, you'll see "Online Seller" appear below your headshot on your site (or "Premium Seller" if you ha…

caning tips

here's another link. there arent a lot of photos.. i think there's only one, but it has really helpful tips for those who are interested in caning =)
some of the teapot and cup sets i made for kathleen ^_^

ok medyo natuwa ako sa slide haha ^_^