what's baking!~

i have a few more pending orders then everything will be back to normal and i can start accepting mto's again, yey! but i can't finish them yet kasi im still waiting for my new clays to arrive.. double yey! so in the meantime i made some new ready to ship items. i'm not eally big on food and cupcakes and icecream charms.. wala akong flair to make them cute enough hahah but over the weekend, i got inspired by some books and sites i found and managed to make some charms that, at least to me, are adorable ^_^ i love the hot chocolate mugs.. and the oreo keycharm i made for my brother... or myself, it depends haha

the mini cookie jar pendants (with the cookies and wafer sticks) are not for sale -yet- i'll be sending those to someplace else ^_^

have a cute-filled week ahead!!


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