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Day 1

Project 365


got my copy of Craft Time magazine today.. really excited! thanks for the opportunity!

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if you're a beginner you can check my blog entryHEREwhere i've listed some of the tools you'll need to begin creating in polymer clay. i say "some" because each individual ends up needing different tools for different needs and projects also, check out Craft Time Mag's second issue HERE! buy and subscribe to get great tips. It also includes a feature on polyclay artists Karla Cruz and yours trulymy hands are still on vacation mode but i hope to get back to claying some time SOON Happy week everyone!

Beginner Tools

tools in detail for beginners

I wanted to write this just as a supplement for the Craft Time article. i'm not making myself out as an expert on this, but here's my two bits on the matter :) Hope it helps
Nowadays, there are a lot of clay brands available locally. The most popular and widely available brands being Premo!, SculpeyIII, Studio by Sculpey and Fimo. Other brands include Kato, Clayzee and Klayola. Each has its own distinct characteristic. Experiment to find the best brand that suits your needs.
Personally, I use Kato (for caning), Premo! (caning and sculpting) and Klayola (for armatures and anything that needs to be strong and bendy, it's also nice to soften old crumbly clay).

Avoid eating while handling clay, polymer clay may be certified safe and non-toxic, but it’s still not edible. Wash your hands after working with clay.
TIP: i use Wipe Out (National Bookstore & some groceries) use it like lotion all over my hands then follow up with soap and water.…