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This video had my hair standing on end--- it's SO AMAZING!It makes* you appreciate how big the universe is.. and how small we really are.


Temporal Distortion from Randy Halverson on Vimeo.


We're featuring Tejae Floyde this week in our guild, and with photos of her gorgeous hearts greeting me everyday i got so inspired and did a few hearts of my own. I started making them for my dogs, but soon ended up with a few for my friends. It's sooo much fun and so easy!
I'm thinking of making them into a mobile or wall art.

Also this month of love, we had our Steampunk Hearts Challenge.
I didn't really plan on joining since I've never really tried steampunk and no steampunk stuff to use, but after seeing a few entries from my co-members my curiosity was piqued!
I guess I had to take the plunge some time, right? :)
Here's what I came up with ---- after about 3 or 4 tries, lol

I bent an old watchface in half then painted it. I must say, the paint did wonders in the way of antiquing and mimicking rust!

All I had were plastic gears and a few metal parts from a really inexpensive, old watch. I just painted the metal ones with acrylic paint to make them look rus…

Art Bead Scene Entry

Joining this challenge was somewhat unexpected, but urged by my friend Rocky, I took the plunge :)

This is my entry for Art Bead Scene's February Challenge

This piece was designed by a Aimee and done by me using polymer clay.

New Lockets

As you may recall, i made quite a few floral canes in a vintage palette several days ago. I used them to make these darling lockets pictured below.

These babies are going up on my Etsy store soon so watch out for them!

New Canes

I was in a caning mood today but before making more, i knew i had to sort through the mess of canes i've accumulated over the years.  i've been meaning to sort them out since a lot of them have become too hard or they just don't go  with my designs anymore.  

i threw a lot onto the scrap pile, a few i kept, while the other i set
aside to make into usable kaleidoscope canes

Scrap heap!

some canes i tried softening up by dunking them in
hot water for a couple of minutes. i needed them soft so they wont
break when i make them into kaleidoscope canes.

quite a few went into this cane

covered it with a striped sheet i had lying around from
when i made the peacock feather cane.

not my current palette, but it's a happy looking cane so i'm giving it away instead :)

i really loved how the first cane i did using this improvised technique turned out (the black and white one)

so i decided to make more of it in a different palette of colors. that reminds me, i need to make ano…