We're featuring Tejae Floyde this week in our guild, and with photos of her gorgeous hearts greeting me everyday i got so inspired and did a few hearts of my own. I started making them for my dogs, but soon ended up with a few for my friends. It's sooo much fun and so easy!

I'm thinking of making them into a mobile or wall art.

Also this month of love, we had our Steampunk Hearts Challenge.

I didn't really plan on joining since I've never really tried steampunk and no steampunk stuff to use, but after seeing a few entries from my co-members my curiosity was piqued!

I guess I had to take the plunge some time, right? :)

Here's what I came up with
---- after about 3 or 4 tries, lol

I bent an old watchface in half then painted it.
I must say, the paint did wonders in the way of antiquing and mimicking rust!

All I had were plastic gears and a few metal parts from a really inexpensive, old watch. I just painted the metal ones with acrylic paint to make them look rusty and old. The gears I added after I baked the heart-- I also painted them since they were white and looked absolutely out of place.

This was a really challenging project for me but it taught me to always try new things. We never know when we're going to find our new adventure.

Happy claying!


Ghie said…
This is my favorite! so gorgeous! =)

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