New Canes

I was in a caning mood today but before making more, i knew i had to sort through the mess of canes i've accumulated over the years.  i've been meaning to sort them out since a lot of them have become too hard or they just don't go  with my designs anymore.  

i threw a lot onto the scrap pile, a few i kept, while the other i set
aside to make into usable kaleidoscope canes

Scrap heap!

some canes i tried softening up by dunking them in
hot water for a couple of minutes. i needed them soft so they wont
break when i make them into kaleidoscope canes.

quite a few went into this cane

covered it with a striped sheet i had lying around from
when i made the peacock feather cane.

not my current palette, but it's a happy looking cane so i'm giving it away instead :)

i really loved how the first cane i did using this improvised technique turned out
(the black and white one)


so i decided to make more of it in a different palette of colors. that reminds me, i need to make another face cane soon. i kind of dread it because if all the hours (and clay) i'm going to have to invest making it and i'm not exactly sure i can make another one as nice as the last one i did. but, why worry now, right? i'll tromp down that bridge when i get there.

here are the new canes i made today--

for this cane, i began with a big brown and beige skinner plug and made a few flower and petal canes.

-the plug i started with for the yellow and brown canes-

pale pink and brown

blue and black


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