Number 1 Dog~

it's been a long time since i've published a proper entry. by proper i mean an entry with actual words and not just pictures. this particular post has been sitting around for more than a month, and i'm fighting the urge to just publish the photos and leave it at that. but i won't, so i will try to eke out a few sentences in the hopes of jump starting the old brain into writing (hopefully) cohesive and (maybe) interesting lines.

Hobbes' one-eared salute

so this is Hobbes, my baby. he's a hairy old boy of about 12 years. he loves spaghetti, dried or cooked, it doesnt really matter. he loves to mark every leg of every table, chair, or person in sight. 
he smiles.
he will eat ANYTHING, even tin foil and tissue. he l-o-v-e-s to walk, erm, run. 
He has proven the saying "you cant teach old dogs new tricks" wrong because he just learned how to catch. he's very, very sweet.  figuratively. 
he twirls when he's happy and excited. 
he has a lot of nicknames
he Loves sugar flowers and french fries.
he farts. a lot. and boy do they stink.
cats arent scared of him. 
he hates new year. but he loves christmas.
i could go on and on and tell you everything about him, but i'd probably lose you before i finish even half of it.
besides, bottomline is, he's my number one buddy.

being the big boss and main doggy daddy, i decided to make a little copy of him i could take with me wherever i go. ive been wanting to do a sculpture of all my dogs for some time, but i cant really finish all 10 in one sitting so i started with sweet little mr. incontinent.

(ive made a few changes since i took these photos so i will update this blog when i get the camera back)

i wanted to give it a dog collar-y style but human-y, 

I made my other babies tags too for when we walk, y'know in case they manage to wrangle their furry butts free.
-- we dont want anyone getting jelous now, do we.

this is apol-- short for apolinario..he's puppy number four, batch 1. he's a big guy now (4 years and 3 months to be exact) and really, really sweet. not much help around the studio though..

--mmm me sleepy.

updated photos soon... i hope :)


aiz kim said…
are these all made in Polymer?!? OMG they're so pretty...can you make one for my persian cat!!!
purpleluggage said…
i could. i just need photos of your cat :)
aiz kim said… much would it be? please email me for info so much!!!

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