Christmas 2011

Christmas, I think, is my favorite holiday. It just brings back so many wonderful childhood memories that no amount of holiday stress can ruin it for me. 

I love the lights, the gift-giving, the food, the laughter, the shopping, the midnight masses, the smells, the music, the chill in the air... Christmas is home for me. I know, Christmas shouldn't revolve around the material stuff but let's admit it, without the trimmings, it just feels like less of a celebration-- and the season is about celebrating!

This is our holiday tree--or trees i should say. My sister who's in charge of decorating the house didn't bother putting it up until the 24th because they were so busy baking (which made me panic a bit because I thought she didn't have any plans of putting the tree up at all! but good thing she did, yey!) don't you just love the lights? i do :) 

Mo got a head start on opening presents.
He got a ball which he then proceeded to pounce and chew.

We had a simple but dee-licious dinner of tuna teriyaki,

a yummy YUMMY cheese platter,

pumpkin and leek soup,
(this is my plate btw.. it may look like i'm dieting, but let us all remember
that looks can be deceiving --
especially if you have the option of coming back for seconds, thirds and fourths  =>

had this again for breakfast the following morning
and it was even more divine since the flavors had more time to marry :)

here's hobbes begging as per usual.
he's a regular junkie dog =D

and for dessert we had fruit salad and chocolate cake,
evidence of which remains to be seen, hehe

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!



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