Christmas is in the air

Just a little show and tell today. I've hardly had the chance to play with my clay so i don't have anything new to sho you guys, but i do have some other stuff i wanna share :) 

here's a new picture of me and my "poyfriend"
he smells so nice today.. just the right mix of dusty-dog and soap smell ^_^

naaalala nyo pa ba ito? i do! meron pa pala sa robinson's hihi

i needed to pass the time earlier while waiting for my family to arrive. we were having dinner out since it's their first day back from a short vacation to the province. i didn't plan on buying anything, but i found these really cute Christmas ornaments and i couldn't help myself :)

these peppermints are so cute, i'm thinking of hanging them around the veranda or in place of gift tags-- i have a whole box of Christmassy stuff that i like to just add onto gifts as a final touch since i usually just wrap gifts with plain craft paper and twine :) 

and these are gingerbread men.. and women hehe some might go on the tree or the veranda, but maybe not on gifts because they're kinda big

and last but not the least --they're my current favorite-- are these Santa ornaments, a bit pricey compared to the microbead-encrusted two, but they're really nice and lends a touch of whimsy and country flair :)

off to divi later to look at garlands :) have a great weekend!!


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