New lockets, Flowers galore!

Seeing as I have't posted much of the things I've made lately here's a compilation of my favorite recent works.

A personalized cake server and knife set and a couple of champagne flutes all in a pretty carnation pink palette.

This photo is from Diane, a client who also asked for a 
custom cake server and knife set for her beautiful wedding.

A playful lock and key I made for our guild's 
"Sweet Pairings" March challenge

some new "experimental" flowers

dainty pink flowers and a monogrammed heart for a wedding

pretty and colorful custom hair combs and clip on earrings for a chorale

black and white flowers.. so pretty! i loved the tulle and bead center 
my sister made for them.

a Stroppel jellyroll in the works. I just LOVE making these. 
They're useful, versatile and I get to use all the "stale" canes I have in my cane drawer.

Some new lockets



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