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I was over the moon when i learned my lockets got featured in The Polymer Arts Blog! To be mentioned as an individual artist was such a treat it took all the composure I could muster to stop myself from jumping all the way home. And to top it off, Kathleen Dustin was also featured in the article! Oh to be mentioned in the same article as one of my favorite artists, heavens to Murgatryod! I was giggling like a fool :D

You may read the blog entry here. You can also subscribe to the magazine, they have lots of interesting articles :)

Last night I finished this topper for a friend whose mom is celebrating a birthday on the 9th. 

I had fun making it, especially when it came to putting all the little details on the dress. I hope the birthday girl likes it :)

Also this week was the crocs mega sale. I know some people don't like crocs. I'm not one of them hehe I really like them, especially the big bulky ones Mario Batali always wears. You won't catch me wearing them 24/7, but they're comfy and colorful, and they're really great for those days when you have lots of errands and you don't really care about dressing up.

So my sisters and I trooped over to Fort to have a look see. We got there a little after lunch only to have an enormous line of people greet us outside the tent.

It started drizzling the second we got out so I lugged the lone umbrella from the car in case it rains---which it did when we got to the end of the line. It was such a funny situation to be in, the four of us trying desperately to  squeeze ourselves under an umbrella just to get into a tent so we can buy plastic shoes!  It became even more challenging when we started making jokes and laughing.

However 10 minutes later we called it quits. 
We decided it wasn't worth it and had a late lunch instead at North Park 
--m-mmm, hot soup on a rainy day! 

What silly thing did you do this week? :)


Mª Reyes said…
Tienes un gran blog, te sigo desde Barcelona (España). Besos
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy reading my posts :)

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