rainy day baking

found this recipe on simmertilldone.com and i found it perfect since i had dogs that eat virtually anything i might have forgotten to put back.

I made 2 batches. The first one i thought came out too dry, so i added a little more liquid to the second one. turns out a drier dough's better since it dries out faster making the biscuits nice and crunchy, i left the second batch in the oven a bit longer so they have a chance to crisp up. they're really easy to make since the recipe only called for a few ingredients AND my dogs are crazy about them!--then again they'd eat ANYthing. i'm definitely making more of these when my doggies finish these and i'll try adding a bit of chicken liver-- oh, they are going to flip!

i just love how they all turned out nice and brown and crunchy, don't you?

after i made the cookies, i fixed myself a dinner of vegetable and chicken chowder, toasted wheat bread and plunked my tired butt in front of the tv to watch mirror,mirror-- it was a weekend after all, and a rainy one at that! 

It was such a pretty movie! the costumes, the set, the overall feel of it was such a feast for the eyes! it was a bit dark and odd like tim burton's work--- it was sooooo pretty! but the script kinda ruined it for me. it just was so corny and slapstick in some parts that it lost its charm. i get that it's supposed to be funny and tongue-in-cheek, but it was a little too much in some spots, and what was that bollywood number at the end?! it would have been perfect.

but i still think it's a pretty movie and i will watch it again just for the costumes and the set :)

* i don't know what's up, but i edited this entry 3 times and i can't undo the highlight.. sorry bout that.


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