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I hope nobody's forgotten about me even after all the months I've been keeping relatively quiet. it's great to be back and i must say, i feel fully charged and ready to go aba, after how many months nga naman of staring at the ceiling, floor, night sky, my work table, drying paint, dried up leaves, stagnant water (..yeah, you get the idea) waiting for inspiration to strike i better have some things up my sleeve (good ones, i hope. but no moths, i promise).

so before anything, i just want to share a few memorable events that took place during my unexpected hiatus.

first, my parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. I KNOW! 45 years!

-- this was taken in tagaytay where we celebrated father's day and their anniversary.. yes, both fell on the same day june 20, 2010

The photo above was taken May 15 during the beginner's caning workshop in Angeli's studio in cubao. ( Thanks again, Jill!)

After the class.. photo op na! haha (L-R) eliezl, josele, gretchen, karl, christine, yours truly and eliezl's little princess Hope you guys had as much fun as I did.. and learned something in the process.

Taken in Angeli's studio, May 16, second day of the Clayfest. I love crafters, they're such a great, friendly bunch (really nice to finally meet you, rocky!!!).. sana yung mga hindi nakasama this year can make it next year

ehem.. clay HOARDING!

-- also went on a relaxing trip to the beach with my sister and "baby"bro (he'd kill me, hehe)

and, just when i thought id never get over my creative slump.. my books and clays arrive!! now my clay box is filled to the max

-- can't close it anymore, which it totally, TOTALLY fine with me

i've been dreaming of the CF books i purchased last year pa... and now they're actually here! now, all i need is time so i can sit down and read them i can wait, what's a few more days?

i also went on a little shopping trip and found these cute settings.. just bought a few to test. but you can find them and a few other charms and settings here in my supplies album.. just CLICK

I will try to post updates regularly since i am now creatively awakened again.. special thanks to Helen whose advice im taking to heart. I'm learning to say "No" now. she's made me realize that saying no doesn't mean you're turning people away. it's your way of preserving your sanity and keeping your creative fire burning.
Hey, there's a holiday looming just a few days ahead... hope everyone's got a plan for this nice little work-week break!

Nice to be back!


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