my new tool :)

 the project i was working on last week needed to be drilled after baking. that gave me the perfect excuse to make a drill tool. i've never used one before, but i sort of knew how it's supposed to work and how to make one.

i couldn't just leave it bare and boring could i? :)

i used a mica shift technique for the antique gold accents (--it's one of those techniques that's under-used and underrated in my opinion). the blue cane slices were from a cane i made during an advanced caning class, and a simple rose cane slice on both sides.

now i can't seem to get enough of it. i can't imagine how i did things back in the "dark ages" when all i used was an awl or my trusty needle tool :) 

i just might make a set of these.. they're oddly addicting :D 


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