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A lot of stuff's happened and i've attempted to blog about every one of them, but have only gone so far as uploading the photos that i now have more draft entries than posts in the past month, it's kerayzy! 
i'll try to wade through the backlog and finish posting some some, if not all, of them :)


These days, aside from my usual daily routine of managing my online store, finishing new commissions, rehearsing, taking care of my doggy mommy duties, making tambay in the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild has crept in the middle of things.

I am a person who sticks with tried and true friends, quality taking a front seat to quantity, but there has always been the desire to connect with people who share my passion for creating. I've tried creating PC groups before, but they never really took off because of a number of reasons, lack of time to manage being one of them. So when P3 came, and eventually soared to where it is now, i was happy as a clam. i finally found people i can talk with, who understood what i was talking about, and not space out the first 5 minutes i start clay talk :)

So, to meet some of the people i usually chat with online face to face is a precious event i look forward to.

Last July 16, the P3 Guild Council met for a dinner meeting in Cubao. The meeting part being a front for the chatting and catching up part :)

The following day, the guild joined a bazaar at the University of the Philippines. i had no plans of joining AT ALL, since i had a workshop scheduled with je that day. but because of  some very convincing words from co-members, je decided to postpone, allowing me to join the event :D

Overnight, I got to finish 9 small pieces-- just enough to say i had items to sell, haha
The real reason i wanted to go though was to spend a relaxing time chatting with other guild members!

lody's mom who is just AH-mazing and cool!

some really nice vintage-y, fabric waist cinchers from Silly Me

bracelets by pinaycrafter

There's Jill and her hubby, Marco

Mel and Super Kuya with the Super Secret clay conditioning skills

some of josele's stuff that trigger my salivary glands

and after packing up some chose to unwind by the rock balancing area :) 

cool stuff

this one's my favorite :)


Ms. Crafty said…
huwaw!!!!! nice to see my nanay here! kikiligin yun for sure! :)
purpleluggage said…
oonaman! hindi pwedeng mawala si mommy mo lody! :) ang cute ng profile pic mo!! haha inisip ko pa kung sino :)

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