Just recently our guild had a black and white bead swap. excited as i was about the swap, time just wasn't enough.. but really when is it ever? so i settled on my ever dependable canes to do the hard work for me. i first made a square black and white cane with just a single bulls eye skinner blend with a chunk of white.after making a few beads with that, i reduced it and made a variation to use on the other half of my beads. with the canes i decided to make pillow beads. they came out okay. the seams could be better, but for a practice run i think they came out great :)   the beads were buffed to a subtle shine after baking.

i was really excited to see all the beads from the participating guild members, and since i was also swap master i was super psyched to be the first one to see them. when the first package came, it took a lot of my will to not rip it open and take a peak.

--ok, i took a peak. BUT! i didnt take it out of the baggie it came in. i waited for all (meaning, most :P) of the beads to arrive, then ripped away.

so now we get to the part you've all been waiting for. drum roll please.



aren't they just fantabulous?

with all the beads and "extras"  i had to sort, i had to commandeer the whole dining table. my bedroom wouldn't be enough especially with all the crap on the floor and the bed. harhar

a few things i learned about my fellow guild members:
1. they're really creative
2. they're really really generous
3. and they're very thoughtful

which also makes it good to be swap master :)

a rubber stamp, filigrees, beautiful beads and a flower ring :)

the pink bear's mine :)

and these happy pieces, which were a refreshing sight after all the black and white beads :) 

i even got a free clay sample thank you for all the cool stuff guys!

im looking forward to our next activity :) 


riezlanleabres said…
huhuhu ms jen hnd nakasali sa pics un beads ko :(
purpleluggage said…
wala ba? teka hanapin ko.. alam ko nakunan ko lahat eh :)
purpleluggage said…
ok na! kasama na rin yung kay ling :)

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