DIY Cupcake display

I've trekked through several stores looking for something to display my cupcakes and give my table at the GPB some much needed height. I couldn't find one i really really liked because most of them were just too big, and some were not the style i wanted, so i just decided to make the stands myself.

i just use 2 shot glasses and 2 flat glass plates, which i think are used mostly for candles but I'm not entirely sure :P I cleaned both surfaces with alcohol and used e6000 to hold everything in place :)

It's so simple but it really turned out perfect!

and here's Medeleine enjoying a piggy hehe it's actually bread shaped into a pig, we gave her the head to nibble on since lately she's been such a classic entertainer ans sweetie pie :)

 ^_^ have a great week ahead everyone!


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