Here are a few more things to look forward to at the Global Pinoy Bazaar in Rockwell on Nov. 5&6.

I made some new designs which admittedly are just younger, better, newer cousins of some stuff i've made a few years back. i wanted to breathe new life into them to make them more "now". oh, and please forgive some of the really cringe-worthy photos. these were taken at a time when i was still clueless about photography, a time when i just clicked without having no idea of how i wanted my items to look.

thank goodness for the internet, eh? :) 

yep, i jumped the cupcake wagon-- again-- and this time with some success. my first attempt at making cupcakes was not so good. i couldn't get the base right and i couldn't get the swirling thing down pat, and let's not get into decorating it. i was utterly clueless. in the second photo i just  put butterfly wings from a cane i made, threw in a few rhinestones and called it a day (and let's not get into my photography skills then)... really it's a big frustration of mine, especially since my friend does such a FANTASTIC job at it! 

she's been really generous sharing some tips on cupcake making, but i never really got the technique until now, so i'm really excited to be finally making cupcakes that make me smile. so what changed? well, my sister did a few pieces of her own as a gift for another sister-- these are some that she made:

she did all these with such ease and freedom --and by this i mean not sticking to the "typical" cupcake design. i guess i just needed to see someone actually do it for my weird cupcake animosity to dissipate lol 

i made a few bangles, they more sleek now,  compared to the ones i've done before.. and the designs are definitely better... my first designs were... ay, caramba! let's not get into that (yeah, that's why they're in black and white, lol) --i loved the square one i did, though :) too bad i couldn't find a similar base.

i will also be adding a few CF-inspired items, like these dragons and seahorse? seahorses? seahorsies? mga kabayong-dagat? hehehe (these are all old photos, btw, so i'll just have to suprise you guys on d day!) also, some earrings, and hippie bracelets.. not sure which ones, but i'll be sure to pick the best out of the bunch :)

and in other news, i sent a few stuff to my sister, the cupcakes made by my sister included.
a couple of business card holders.

and these are ballerina pendants i made especially for my 2 nieces :) 

i was already putting the finishing touches to them when i remembered the tiny crown charms helen had given me... they fit so perfectly!! now im jealous because the one i made for myself doesn't have a crown :D

Less than a month to go before the Global Pinoy Bazaar, I hope to see you there!! :)


Rocky said…
love all the new items jen! im sure patok ang mga tinda mo sa GPB! Wishing u a "sold out" bazaar!:) mwah!
purpleluggage said…
thank you rocky!! :)

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