my work table friends~

i will always remember my creative writing teacher every time i struggle with the first sentence of whatever i'm writing. she told us once that the hardest part is writing the opening line. true. i've been staring at the cursor for several hours, typing and deleting, and the only semi-acceptable line i could come up with was 

"i'm back!" 


so before i get into anything else, i'll start by talking about something that comes easily to me... food :)

i went on a little road trip with my parents and one of my sisters middle of last year and i bought a pack of uraro for Hobbes-- my doggy-- he loves this! nevermind that it sticks to the roof of his mouth or that he usually chokes on the first one because his throat's dry. harhar

what is the difference between uraro and puto seco anyhow?

also found these--
candy cane and dark chocolate kisses! 

I took these photos months ago with intentions of blogging about it but i never found the time --read as "wasn't in the mood.."-- to blog. then it seemed silly, but now i think: why not?

these are some of the more interesting things on my work table.. a few knick knacks and some useful stuff  i like having around to inspire me and to keep things fun. it seems green is my favorite color..and animals are a recurring theme. 

--pig and frog tape measures, calculators, tools, turtles, chicken timer, shark and frog staplers, sharpener and a crocodile cord holder, or organizer or whatever it's called :)--

i love these little turtles. i got them when i was 13 on a European tour with my sisters.. i got hooked on those chocolate eggs with free toys inside-- i was a kid with a sweet tooth. how could i resist!

some paperclips

i really like these pencils i found at national booktstore. they're made of old newspapers! they're great, P45 for a pack of 5 and the proceeds go to Haribon if i'm not mistaken-- and of course, my sharpener's green :) 

and my ever dependable tools. although i am thinking of making a new set--  maybe purple this time :) 

considering all the stuff i have on my table you'd think i was still 13. =P 

lately i've been really OC about storage.

-metal findings-

tiny forks, faux sugars, faux crumbs, teeny tiny cherries, rhinestones and googly eyes among others

and these really cute and surprisingly useful cutters my friend, helen, gave me. they're about as small as a fingernail. plus more rhinstones -- real ones this time-- and crystals. i was planning on using them for a special project. 

maybe this year :)


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