road trips

just the mere mention of a road trip makes me all tingly. it's the idea of getting away, relaxing, breathing fresh air, eating, having fun.. 

or, at the very least, a chance to clear  my head.

also there's the hope of finding inspiration; to come up with that "thing" that's amazing and beautiful and original.

i've never really had that unique moment of enlightenment since most of the time that orginal "thing" i've gotten all excited about turns out to not be as original as i thought.

but still, i want to be prepared because who knows when inspiration will strike, right? :) 

a tin of colored pencils. 
really, really handy. i found most of them like that-- short and really used-- but the other colors i wanted were too long so i just cut them with a saw. at least now i have two, hehe

i stuffed them all in an old mint tin. 

mechanical pencils. i like these two since they have a considerably thicker lead. and they're really cheap-- less than P25 each.

and then there's my sketch pad 

i was in bolinao when i began sketching this.. i was thinking of how i could use those creepy heads i made a while back. and then it got me thinking of fairies. i really want to get into art dolls, but i haven't found the right technique for making the faces prettier and less-- morbid. heehee

it was past midnight, and i was the only one up. i was outside, sitting and eating (crinkles!) in one of the cabanas, my hair getting all tangled because of the breeze-- more of gusty winds i should say. 

head definitely cleared. 

--when i got home i made a sketch of how i wanted her dress to look like. 
at the time i was still ruminating on the possibility of making the dress from fabric, and beads, but i decided against it, for the time being at least. 

baby steps :)

i will be coming out with something cool.. and i'm really excited!! :) 

it involves flowers.. and a lot of challenging photography ^_^


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