old photos of my babies

found these photos in multiply. wanted to post em here --and on as many sites as i can so if the friendster thing happens again i won't go crazy exporting pics lol

i love this picture of my dogs..mandy with a mangled red ribbon on her neck :D
hey ate choti, miss you muchies <3

 Momo aka Henry Theodore Higgins a few weeks i believe after we adopted him.

 Puypuy, my sleepy assistant who always keeps my toes warm and toasty.  

hi, ate chots! :) 

some photos i took with my old phone


mandy and choti


daddy hobbes


mommy madeleine

fudgy bear in a rare quiet moment hehe

And of course lucky and his plant :D really love this one! good thing i found it.
(he has a skin condition, don't say anything. he's very sensitive about it)


earthlyjewels said…
OH my gosh!!! You have lots of doggies!!! They're all so cute!! I am a dog lover too...recently got my puppy Charley!!!
purpleluggage said…
aaw new puppy! i love dogs.. they're the best stress busters :)

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