Cane Sorage, Cutting and Reduction~


To keep your canes clean and dust free, roll them up in a plastic sheet. you can store them upright--easier to see the designs and pick which canes you need for a project--, or horizontal -- although it gets to be quite a challenge to rummage through the canes to find the one you need, especially if you have a lot, it's a definite space saver. Store canes in a sturdy container so they dont get accidentally mooshed.

Like unused clay blocks, you should also store your canes in a cool place where it won't be exposed to heat.


If you just made your cane, it's best to let it rest before making cuts, especially if you used soft clays like premo or klayola. if you're using kato or fimo it's ok to go ahead and cut. allowing the clay to rest gives it a chance to stiffen up resulting in crisper lines and a consistent shape.

If you're making a cut from an "old" cane- meaning it's been resting for at least 2 days-, warm it between your palms. you may also hold an end in each hand and slowly wiggle the cane. movement and body heat helps the cane become more pliable and easier to cut. it's normal for edges to "flake" or break off. just push the edge back, the breaks and "flakes" in the slices disappear during baking. however if the breaks are too big that the slices are no longer workable, try warming the cane some more.

Remember, when warming a cane, the temperature of the outside of the cane must be the same as the core. This is also vital in reducing a cane.

Slice your cane with a a swift downward motion, and use a very sharp blade. Wipe your blade with a wet wipe after a few cuts to ensure thin and neat slices.


Again, if you're working with a fresh cane, let it rest. if it's an older cane warm it first.

There are many ways people use to reduce a cane, so i'll only be expounding on the technique that works for me.

After warming my cane, i roll th cane on my work table using my hand or my fingers -- depending on thr size of the cane-- i start at the middle and work my way to the ends. Sometimes, i opt to pinch the ends first then work from the middle outward. The technique i use to reduce the cane almost always depends on the size of the cane i am working on. try different ways to figure out which works best for you.

For square or triangular canes, use your fingers or an acrylic roller to apply even pressure on each side while regularly rotating the cane to ensure even reduction.
TIP: Before cutting your cane, you may opt to cut it in half so you have one design in defferent sizes. This makes the designs you make with your canes more complex. Have Fun!!


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