while most people hate going to crowded places like divisoria and qiuapo, i relish the thought of going there and spending a cool, lazy saturday afternoon walking around and exploring the shops and stalls, and the occassional corner table displaying puppies of dogs you didn't know could - or should - mate.

although, i'm not completely numb to the assorted smells that invade my nostrils, i always find enough things to do to make it bearable. i always feel like i'm on a scavenger hunt, where the one with the most unusual find wins. where else can you find swarovski crystals and fresh squid within 20 feet of each other? and i love that every time i go there, i find something i have never seen before, like a dressed chicken with unfertilized eggs still attached to its insides -- imagine shell-less yolks hanging on for dear life -- ; which btw makes me wonder why dressed chickens are called such when in actuality they're stripped of their "dress". and then there are stuff that bring memories of childhood, like snails, the edible kind. i used to eat those, but i stopped when i learned that snails looked a lot like slugs.. only they've got shells and slugs are basically homeless.

these places never fail to make me feel more.. alive, cheesy as that sounds. it's one of those smell the roses kind of things.. if you do decide to venture an eploratory walk in similar places, don't bring anything of value, other than  your imagnation and sense of adventure, and maybe a friend to share the experience with ^_^


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